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Frequently asked questions

(these faqs are about dealing with nano lab, rather than working with super 8.  For the latter, see our technical pages)

Q: How do I put in an order for film stock?

A: Simple.  Fill in this stock order form.  In doing so, you will receive an invoice with our bank details on it.  If you like, you can email me confirmation of payment from your bank such that I can get the order out same day.

Q: How do I request film processing and transfer from nanolab?

A: Simple.  Fill in this processing order form.  In doing so, you will receive an invoice with our bank details on it.  Make the payment as per the invoice, and send the film to us.  Please put the name used on the form, or otherwise the invoice number on the OUTSIDE of the bag.

Q: I have found an old roll, can I send it in?  No!

NO.  WE DO NOT PROCESS OLD TYPES OF FILMS from the 1960s to 1990s.  These films require very different chemistry to the films made today.  Do not despair!  You can send old films to Film Rescue in Canada.  See What processing services are NOT available? Kodachrome ... for more info.

Q: What about 16mm film?

A: Please DO NOT send 16mm film without contacting us first to see what procssing is available.  We offer black and white negative processing for 16mm film.  It costs $55 per 100 foot (30 meter) roll, or $220 for a 400 foot (120 meter) roll.  We don't have this on our order form yet, so send us an email and I will let you know what to do, and what time frames are involved.  Neglab in Sydney process ECN (colour negative) 16mm film.  When they take holidays (usually in July), we also offer colour negative 16mm processing.  For your convenience, if you require scanning of 16mm film we (and Neglab) will send it directly to Memorylab - check the Memorylab website for details.  Memorylab is also the best place to buy 16mm film stock.

Q: What about Standard 8, Regular 8, Double 8, Double super 8 and Single 8 film?

A: YES, we can process all of these formats, if it is NEW film stock.  Unless it is the Czech film Fomapan 100R, which must be processed as reversal, which we cannot process.  We don't offer processing for OLD film stocks like Kodachrome, see below.
Let's take Single 8 first, as it is the easiest - it is exactly the same as Super 8, but the cartridge is a different shape, requiring a Single 8 camera to shoot it.  For processing and scanning purposes Single 8 is in fact Super 8.
Standard 8, Regular 8 and Double 8 are all names for the same format.  This format was around before Super 8 - it came about in 1932!  The film material is actually 16mm wide, and comes on a circular 'daylight loading' spool in a little light proof film tin - not in the square plastic cartridge that Super 8 comes in.  If you have read our page on using Super 8 cameras and are scratching your head wondering how it applies to your camera, or if your camera is powered by winding a spring, not by putting in batteries, then quite possibly what you have is a Standard 8 camera.  Standard 8 film is 'double run' film, in that you shoot little pictures all the way down one side of the film, then flip the spool back up to the supply spindle and shoot little pictures all down the other side.  After processing, the film is split down the middle and yields two strips of 8mm wide finished film.
Double Super 8 is a rare hybrid of super 8 and Double 8 - it is 16mm wide and is used on spools, not in a cartridge, but has the smaller perforations (and thus larger picture area) of Super 8.  It is also a 'double run' film, that is run through the camera twice and slit after processing to yield super 8 film.

Q: How do I make a payment for processing or stock?

A: We'd like you to fill in our online order form and press 'send'.  In doing so, you should receive an invoice by email.  On the invoice you will find our bank details.  That is the best way to pay.  International customers can request a paypal invoice instead, though we don't usually accept paypal for Australian customers without adding the paypal charge of 4.5%.  Here are the same bank details as you will find on your invoice: Richard Tuohy, bsb 013600, acc 514312271, ANZ.  Please put your invoice number as a reference (NOT 'super 8' or anything like that).  Your name won't appear automatically unless you type it in the reference field when you make the transfer.  If you don't use internet banking and have to go into an ANZ branch, unfortunately you can't put text as a reference, so please just use your invoice number as a reference number.

Q: Is it possible to drop film off for processing rather than posting?

A: Yes, however Daylesford isn't in Melbourne.  We are 1 and a half hours from the city.  If you are dropping off film, you will need to call for directions as we are hard to find (our bit of Grant St isn't always on maps).  Posting is really the best option.

Q: Can I use a courier rather than sending with post?

A: No, it is not advisable to use a courier service.  As we are in the country, couriers will use third parties to deliver to us, which takes extra time.  Our main address is a Post Office Box which cannot receive items from couriers, so you will need another address, and then your film will not arrive with everybody else's, which can cause further delays.  Posting is really the best option.

Q: Can I send in old rolls of processed film just for telecine?

A: Usually no.  Our telecine set up is just too busy transfering films that we have processed here at the lab to do transfer only jobs.  But we can recommend places that do a good job.  Feel free to ask.

Q: Can you upload the full Pro Res transfer file?

A: Yes! The files we upload are the same files you would get if you sent in a drive

Q: What processing services are NOT available?  Kodachrome ...

A: We do NOT offer processing of old types of film.  If you have found an old roll, we recommend sending it to Film Rescue in Canada.  The most commonly found films that we DO NOT process are:
Kodachrome of any kind or era.  Ektachrome Type G, Ektachrome Type A, 160 ASA Ektachrome, and other pre-1986 Ektachromes.  We do not process anything packaged by AGFA, Focal or Pacific.  We cannot offer processing of Fomapan 100R as this stock must be reversal processed.

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